Buen Camino!

Welcome to the Camino de Santiago Guide, your essential Guide to planning your Camino Experience. You are here because you know you have what it takes to complete the hike. Whether you are young or young at heart, the Camino de Santiago is right for you! I guarantee that you will find what you need to successfully complete this great hike and pilgrimage. Click here to Start

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Equipment eStore

Bringing the right gear can easily determine whether you will have a buen Camino or terrible hike. In this section I have given my personal recommendations for gear based on my own personal experience with these items and from second hand reviews of people I along the way. Use the Equipment checklist provided to help you pack what is right for you. Here you will find a checklist that you can use directly on our site or print out. Once you have your gear ready you are a great big step closer to the Camino!

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Maps & Paths

This is the main and most popular path for the Camino de Santiago. In this section you will learn about other paths on the Camino and when its best to walk them. As well you will learn what are some of the best and most popular starting locations and how many days it takes to walk to Santiago de Compostela. Here there is a downloadable list of all the cities along the Camino and their daily distances. Everything you need to know about how far to walk and when to walk the Camino is in the Maps & Paths section.

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Books & Videos

There are plenty of great things to read and watch regarding the Camino de Santiago. I have found one of the best written guidebooks written about the Camino and it is something that that you should definitely try taking with you. As well, there are some great videos that give you the perfect sense of what you’ll be seeing along the way. Come check out this wonderful media.

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Tips & FAQs

Here is a list of various tidbits of knowledge that are very useful to know while walking the Camino de Santiago. Here you will find out about the average cost of the trip, whether Albergues have internet access, how close you can start to Santiago and much much more. Many people can spend hours just reading these tips, almost immersing themselves in what it is like to walk the Camino. There are over 30+ important tips that you should all definitely read!

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If you want to know why people these days are talking so much about the Camino de Santiago or where it originated, reading about it in our History section will give you a good grasp of the history behind the great steps you’ll be following in. Before you hike it is a good idea to understand the history of the Camino. You will learn how the walk has evolved over time and what it means to be a Camino Pilgrim.

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