About Us

Hello my fellow hikers, my name is John.

I have been walking the Camino de Santiago since I was 16. I first started out with my family and eventually I walked it with my friends. Every time I do this hike feels like a new adventure, and it never gets old. I would say that I am quite an expert in this hike and would like to help you out with planning your Camino de Santiago adventure.

I was browsing the internet on guides related to the Camino de Santiago and frankly it was always hard to find one that gave me the information that I really wanted. When I did find something, it was usually on a website that was poorly designed and was still difficult to go through.

My main goal with caminodesantiagoguide.org is to give you, the hikers and pilgrims, as much of the relevant and important information you will need for hiking to Santiago de Compostela. Whether you are doing it for personal, spiritual, or physical reasons, the Camino de Santiago Guide is essential before you begin your journey. This site is dedicated to providing you the best information on the essentials for completing this hike successfully. The Camino de Santiago guide will tell you what to pack (everyone always over packs) and as well it will recommend the right equipment because the right equipment will either make or break your Camino de Santiago experience.

This site will always change as I do more hikes and add more information to it. If you have any questions, suggestions or even corrections regarding my website the please feel free to drop me a line by proceeding to contact us. This site is by Camino hikers and for Camino hikers. I hope you all enjoy it.

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