Know the words sprai, crema and pie

That’s spray, cream and foot in Spanish (esprai, krema, pee-eh). This is important to know if you have to go to a pharmacy because you have a foot problem. Just tell them those words and make a facial expression / painful foot gesture with those words and they’ll know what to give you. There is always someone at the albergue who knows about these problems and they will tell also to see a pharmacist.

When I had my leg problem a few years back I did not know how to communicate the exact pain I was feeling. What I did know was that if this is a Camino town then they are probably use to people complaining about common walking pains. So I went inside the farmcacia and pointed to my shin, moved my ankle up and down and made a painful facial expression. While it was somewhat embarrassing it had to be done because I was in a lot of pain and needed help right away. The pharmacist knew exactly what to give me. I bought a spray and a bandage from her to alleviate the pain and swelling. I was not exactly sure what was in the spray but I trusted she knew what she was talking about just because she must see these leg problems quite frequently.

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