It is easy to find the issuing office for your Camino passport

One of the most important documents you will need for the Camino de Santiago is the passport or credential. Without this document you will not be able to get Camino stamps along the way and you will not be able to prove that you in fact walked the entire way. Your passports are usually located at government offices or churches. Examples include info centers, police stations, monasteries and churches. If you cannot find it, just ask someone and they will more then likely point you in the right direction since they are use to Camino hikers walking through their town.

Do not be surprised if you arrive into a town early in the morning and cannot find a place that offers the passport. Most of these places only open their doors at around 8:00am or 9:00am, which is very inconvenient because you will miss out on very important early morning hiking. This is just a set back you only have to deal with once and after this you should not have to start this late for the rest of your Camino.

These passports usually cost around 2 euros and contain plenty of spaces for you to put stamps in. So as good practice always try to get a stamp whenever you can, whether its in a small cafe or a large church. There’s plenty of stamp positions so I doubt you will run out. And even if you do, you can just buy another passport. Just be sure to show both passports when you are obtaining your certificate or Compostela.

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