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Guitar Piece inspired by walking the Camino de Santiago

Thanks for this excellent video Phil. This video really shows some great imagery of the Camino de Santiago. Just watching it almost brings me back to those trails.

How do I get medial attention along the Camino?

There are usually Red Cross (Cruz Roja) first aid volunteers and workers in the main towns that pilgrims sleep at. I was fortunate enough to meet one of them when I hurt my leg a few years ago. If you happen to hurt yourself along the Camino you will have to wait for someone else […]

Is there internet access along the Camino?

Most albergues and towns have internet access. Some larger towns have internet cafes, which will help you upload photos to share with friends and family on Facebook or email. As well some of these towns do support WiFi connections, which means you can travel with your smart phone and connect to the internet for free. […]

How much money should you take with you? And are there ATMs along the way?

This is one of the most popular questions that people ask.This is very simple as long as you have a good idea of how long you plan to walk the Camino de Santiago. There are many different ways at looking at the estimating and my view is based on how much I would generally spend. […]

Should you travel during Holy years?

Some Camino pilgrims prefer to complete the Pilgrimage on a Holy or Jubilee Year, which are years that have July 25 fall on a Sunday. At the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the Puerta Santa, or Holy Door, is opened on New Year’s eve before the holy year and remains open throughout the next year. […]

Top 3: Cameras to take on the Camino

Taking a digital camera is either important to you or its not. I’m assuming that for most of you reading this, you want to take a camera so that you can show your friends and family all the amazing adventures you had on the Camino. Not only do you want the camera to take pictures, […]

Top 3: Enjoyable foods to eat on the Camino

When you’re hiking the Camino, you’re either thinking of two things: “My feet are killing me” or “What I’m going to eat today?” If you’re new, then you’ll probably think about the first one more often. But over time, as you walk the Camino, you’ll tend to listen more to your stomach than your head. […]

The Way

I think “The Way” is an excellent story that really exemplifies why the Camino de Santiago is such a beneficial experience. If you were like me, I’m sure you made a note of all the memorable places along the Camino. But that aside, I thought the story brought up some very good themes. One theme […]

I’m sure most of us feel this way…

Uploaded by Michelle from The United States

A Camino experience with charity and good will

My name is Desmond from Wales. I did my first hike back in 1998 and I remember this one particular incident. I don’t remember exactly where it was but it was near Leon. I woke up one morning at around 7am, not too late but definitely not early I did not feel particularly well the […]

Walk at a good pace and do not rush

One of the times I did this hike it lead to disaster. Not because of my equipment or waking up early but because I did not pace myself well. I was walking so fast that I would pass person after person trying to beat the crowd but as well trying to get a good workout. […]

The closest you can start the hike is 100km away

A lot of younger hikers and pilgrims cannot afford the time to do a full month long hike. What they do instead is start their Camino from a city that is at least 100km or more. For example many people on the Camino Frances path start at Sarria, which is 115km and a 5 day […]

Walking the Camino made me think of Mars

Uploaded by Ricardo from Spain

Try to stay at the municipal (or Xunta) albergues

These are essentially government run hostels with the sole purpose of accommodating Camino hikers. They are usually cheaper than the private albergues. The only reason you would have to go to a private albergue is because the municipal one was full. This is another reason to always leave early. The great thing about these municipal […]

Wake up early

You’ll notice in your albergue that people tend to leave really early at around 6am. That means they are up and getting ready at around 5am to 5:30am. Instead of trying to get a little more sleep you should get up. This is important for two reasons. The first reason is that you want to […]

Hello Kitty

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It is easy to find the issuing office for your Camino passport

One of the most important documents you will need for the Camino de Santiago is the passport or credential. Without this document you will not be able to get Camino stamps along the way and you will not be able to prove that you in fact walked the entire way. Your passports are usually located […]

From a pilgrim: Lost on the Camino

Hello my name is Martin from Brazil. A few years ago I was walking the Camino Portugues. One of the nice things about the Camino Portuges is that the paths are laid out very well and the arrow markers are everywhere so that you will not get lost. This works for most people but not […]

Bring a flashlight

A flashlight can easily be one of the more important tools you carry with you. Your flashlight will come in handy for more reasons then you realize. You’ll need a flashlight as you wake up early and pack your stuff in the dark. Also it helps when you’re walking in the early morning hours and […]

Be careful about painful legs

If you have pains in your leg and it does not feel a little better after a nap then you should ask for help. When I got shin splints my pace had slowed down to half and everyone was passing me by. I kept telling myself that this pain was normal and that it was […]