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Know the words sprai, crema and pie

That’s spray, cream and foot in Spanish (esprai, krema, pee-eh). This is important to know if you have to go to a pharmacy because you have a foot problem. Just tell them those words and make a facial expression / painful foot gesture with those words and they’ll know what to give you. There is […]

A pilgrim’s story of friendships along the Camino

Hi my name is Emily and I’m from the United States. One of the things I love the most about the Camino de Santiago is the people that you walk with. When I first started the Camino I said hi to a few people but generally kept to myself. I had told myself that I […]

Walking in the woods

Uploaded by: Penal from Dominican Republic

Use a walking stick

It is important to get a walking stick, I cannot stress this enough. When you’re walking it is easier to have a stick you can place a lot of your weight on it, relieving your legs a little. While one stick is enough, two is always better than one, at least in this case. You’ll […]

Reach the albergue just before 1pm

It is important to reach the albergue before one because that’s when they open. Space is often limited and by the time you get there you might even see a lineup. If you arrive after 1pm and there’s no lineup, be worried that you’ll have to find a more expensive private albergue. Also, reaching the […]

Ready your gear to go before you sleep

The most dreaded thing is to wake up and pack your bag. Many people are asleep and don’t like to listen to you rustle plastic bags as you make your pack. Have it all set before you go so that when you do wake up the amount of stuff you have to pack are just […]

Bring a sleeping bag liner, not a sleeping bag

A sleeping bag liner is important because you will be sleeping in beds that other hikers have slept on. While most albergues give you a netting to cover your bed and pillow with, you cannot fully trust its effectiveness in terms of hygiene. The sleeping bag liner will keep you warm and clean. It is […]

Minimize your gear

Time and time again I see people throw away stuff they thought they would need but never used. Ask yourself if you really need 4 t-shirts or if you can just wash one while wearing the other and alternate it up everyday. All these little things add to the weight of the bag and by […]

This is not camping, so do not act like it

You will rarely ever need matches for a fire or a knife to kill an animal. While you are in fact walking in the wilderness at times, it is important to have a Swiss Army knife more for its can opener ability than for its knife as I said in the previous tip. There may […]

Not all albergues have eating equipment

You should bring a spoon and fork because not all places will have utensils for you to use. I once bought a can of tuna that I was looking forward to eating. The only problem was that there was no can opener in the Albergue. Fortunately enough I had my Swiss Army knife and used […]

There are groceries along the way

You will never really run out of food for there is always a grocery in the small town you are at. Make your own food but don’t feel like you need to ever carry it to the next city because you will still find another grocery there. You can usually get meats, breads, cookies etc., […]

Stop at the cafes along the way

Usually between major towns you will see a small café with a Coca-Cola banner. Take a break and get your breakfast there, its worth it. Try the bocadilo and coffee, which is tremendously good. You only need to rest 15minutes before feeling like brand new. You can also order an assortment of foods such as […]

Its a small small world on the Camino

Buen Camino from Espana, my name is Mariana. I have walked the Camino de Santiago many times and I think each time you meet people that make this world feel like a small place. On my second walk, I met a man named Louis from Montreal, Canada. We walked for many weeks together, meeting up […]

Looking forward to sleep

Uploaded by: Jennifer from Ireland

Your afternoon is always free

As the day goes on people tend to stop walking at around noon because any time after that it starts to get too hot. And frankly, I’m just tired after 6 hours of walking and 20 something kilometers. Since this is probably how you feel too, you have to use your afternoon wisely. It is […]

Accept charity, be charitable

People on the hike are generally good-natured. For one thing they are likely to be Catholic and good spirited, but more likely there is a comradery amongst all hikers of the Camino de Santiago. If they want to give you an apple along the way, accept it. For the most part no one on the […]

Be open to meeting people

When you’re walking look around you and what do you see? You see fellow hikers and pilgrims. These are not weird people trying to do their own thing. They are simply trying to do the same thing and that is to get to Santiago de Compostela. Their age, gender, or nationality does not matter. What […]

Limit your use of electronics other than a camera

You have chosen to do this hike and one of the best advantages is that you can truly be off the grid, or detached from everyone in the world that you are normally in touch with. Take this opportunity to not bring your iPod and listen to music but absorb the sites and sounds of […]

Do not bring an SLR camera

While a lot of the hike is very picturesque and beautiful, you definitely do not need an SLR camera. They are too bulky and you end up serving your equipment as opposed to your equipment serving you. It’s too much of a hassle and I guarantee that you will not regret leaving it behind. The […]

Wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

Whether you are a hat guy or not you need to wear a hat.  Along with that you need sunscreen too. There are stretches along the Camino de Santiago that have no shade if you’re caught under el Sol then your face will pay. As well, make sure you wear sunglasses, the roads can reflect […]