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The Way

I think “The Way” is an excellent story that really exemplifies why the Camino de Santiago is such a beneficial experience. If you were like me, I’m sure you made a note of all the memorable places along the Camino. But that aside, I thought the story brought up some very good themes. One theme […]

A Camino experience with charity and good will

My name is Desmond from Wales. I did my first hike back in 1998 and I remember this one particular incident. I don’t remember exactly where it was but it was near Leon. I woke up one morning at around 7am, not too late but definitely not early I did not feel particularly well the […]

From a pilgrim: Lost on the Camino

Hello my name is Martin from Brazil. A few years ago I was walking the Camino Portugues. One of the nice things about the Camino Portuges is that the paths are laid out very well and the arrow markers are everywhere so that you will not get lost. This works for most people but not […]

A pilgrim’s story of friendships along the Camino

Hi my name is Emily and I’m from the United States. One of the things I love the most about the Camino de Santiago is the people that you walk with. When I first started the Camino I said hi to a few people but generally kept to myself. I had told myself that I […]

Its a small small world on the Camino

Buen Camino from Espana, my name is Mariana. I have walked the Camino de Santiago many times and I think each time you meet people that make this world feel like a small place. On my second walk, I met a man named Louis from Montreal, Canada. We walked for many weeks together, meeting up […]