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Above is the main map of the Camino de Santiago, Frances route, which is most popular. You can start walking at any of the town and cities indicated in the map. Popular starting locations are locations highlighted in yellow on the map above, with St. Jean Pied de Port highlighted in green as the start and Santiago de Compostela in red. Below is a list of the popular cities to start at and their respective days and distance to completion.

You can download a full PDF list of the cities here.

Start City Days Distance
St. Jean Pied de Port 35 763 km
Pamplona 32 693 km
Burgos 23 481 km
Leon 14 304 km
***Sarria 5 115 km

 ***Sarria is the last city and minimum distance required to complete in order to receive your Compostela (certificate) of completion of the Camino de Santiago.

Below is a summary of all the paths that lead to Santiago de Compostela. Paths have different start locations: (S)  Spain, (F) France, (P) Portugal, (O) Optional

Path/Route Distance Total Days Best Seasons to walk

(S) Camino Frances 780km 36 Spring, Summer and Autumn
(S) Via de la Plata 930km 44 Spring and Autumn
(S) Camino Madrid 330km 15 Winter, Spring and Autumn

(F) Chemin de Paris 700km 33 All seasons
(F) Chemin Vezelay 900km 42 Spring, Summer and Autumn
(F) Chemin de Puy 750km 35 Spring and Autumn

(P) Camino Portugés 230km 10 Spring and Autumn

(O) Camino Finisterre 90km 3.5 All seasons


Below is the map that is given to you as part of your Camino passport. It is a comprehensive map listing all the major stops along all three major routes of the Camino with their respective distances to the final city of Santiago de Compostela.

Spain Map:

France Map:

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