Camino de Madrid

Madrid is located in central Spain, which makes this path travel in a northwesterly direction towards Segovia, Medina de Rioseco, Sahagun and connecting with el Camino Frances in Leon.

Even though the Camino de Madrid is not as popular as say the Camino Frances, it is still very well maintained as seen by the fact that yellow arrow markers line the entire path. The path consists of hills and forests in and around Segovia including long stretches of flatlands and valleys along the river Duero.

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What makes this hike difficult is the fact that central Spain has a tendency to be quite hot during the summer months. It is best to avoid these months since there are portions of the path that have no trees or natural shade to protect you from the sun beating down on you. If you do walk during the summer season it is important to walk early in the morning and end before or at noon to prevent heat exhaustion. The rest of the year should be quite reasonably temperate with rain during the spring and autumn seasons and snow in the Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains until spring.

Accommodations are situated at around 25-30km intervals and shouldn’t be difficult to get. The accommodations might not necessarily be government run hostels/albergues and may charge more than the usual cheap 5 euros. As well, if you stop on the Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains, there is only one place near the peak.

Depending on where you start, the hike is approximately 330km and takes around 15 days at a rate of 25km per day including 2 days for rest or bad weather.

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