Camino de Portugues

The starting city in this path is Oporto, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is in Northern Portugal. The path continues north directly towards Pontevedra and on to Santiago de Compostella. The walk consists of 120km through Portugal and 110km through Spain for a total of 230km give or take a few kilometers at the border. This should take approximately 9 days to hike plus 1 day extra for rest or bad weather making it a total of 10 days to complete.

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Despite being less popular than the Camino Frances, the path is lined with yellow arrows all along the way. There are also blue arrows, which point back to the Cathedral at Porto should you wish to trek in that direction. As well, accommodations are abundant all throughout the path.

The landscape of the path consists of many pine and eucalyptus forests and for the most part stays clear of major roads or highways. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, there is often a high chance of rain along the route at anytime of year. The best time to hike this path is during the spring and autumn months since the weather is cool. Summer is often considered too hot despite the Atlantic Ocean breeze.

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