Chemin du Puy

This path is the last of the main routes through Paris. Starting in le Puy en Velay, hikers pass through Figec, Moissac and continue on toward St. Jean Pied de Port. This is perhaps one of the more difficult paths since it consists largely of hills and mountains. Hikers must pass through the mountainous region of Velay and continue on to the Aubrac plateau and on through the Basque region before descending upon St. Jean Pied de Port at the foot of the Pyranees Mountains.

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Due to this terrain, this hike is only recommended from spring to autumn. This is because there is likely to be snow in the mountainous regions during the winter and heavy rains in the Basque region at the end of winter. The temperature is best during the spring and autumn but can get quite hot during the summer months; hikers should take caution during those months.

The entire path is about +750km and should take about 30 days at a rate of 25km per day. Hikers should factor in an additional 5 days of rest or bad weather making it a total of 35 days. Fortunately, there are lots of accommodations along the path.

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