Chemin de Vezelay

Le chemin de Vezelay starts in the town of Vezelay, whose Abbey is famous for housing the ancient tomb of Mary Magdalene. The path crosses through Nevers, La Chatre, and on towards Limousin and converges with the paths from La Puy and Orleans (Le Chemin de Paris) at St. Jean Pied de Port.

Hikers of this path will experience vast stretches of wilderness consisting of farmland, forests and a few gorges and springs along the way.  The weather is quite varied but good for hiking most of the year. The region surrounding Limousin can experience extended periods of rain and snow, especially during the winter, because its elevation is much higher at 700m above sea level. Therefore the best time to perform this hike is from spring to autumn as the temperature never gets too hot or unbearable to walk.

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The hike is approximately 900km to St. Jean Pied de Port. At an approximate distance of 25km per day, the total days to travel this path is 36 days plus an additional 6 days of rest or bad weather for a total of 42 days. This does not include the remaining +800km to Santiago de Compostela from St. Jean Pied de Port. There is an ample amount of accommodations along the path. Enough hikers walk this path for there to be accommodations, but it is still far enough from Santiago de Compostela for there to be vacancies in these small towns.

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