Optional: To Finisterre

Not many people know of this path since all paths lead to Santiago de Compostela. This path is intended for hikers who wish to walk to Finisterre (“End of Land”), which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It is quite pleasant to some because there are much fewer hikers who choose to do this optional path after finishing at Santiago de Compostela. To those few it is considered the true end of the Camino. Finisterre is famous for its beaches that have perfect horizon sunsets as well as the Lighthouse, which is a short afternoon hike from the city.

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The path starts from Santiago and continues through a mountainous region past Cée, Corcubion and on towards Finisterre. Most hikers take 3 to 4 days to complete this path as Finisterre is only 90km away from Santiago de Compostella. Accommodations are abundant and available all along this hike. The path contains many hills and can get tiring. Fortunately it is covered with many trees providing lots of shade during the summer months. It is relatively pleasant to walk anytime during the year, as the weather is not that variable in this region.

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