Via de la Plata

This path approaches Santiago de Compostela from the south, starting at Sevilla (924km). This is a more difficult path to take since southern Spain is hotter, which makes it difficult for most hikers who come during May to August. The path splits at Granja de la Moreruela (339km) and connects to El Camino Frances at Astorga (253km). The second route goes directly to Santiago de Compostela and is said to be approximately 1-2 days shorter. Another advantage of the second route is that you avoid the larger groups of people who hike the Camino Frances.

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Since the total path is around 930km, it takes 37 days to complete at rate of 25km per day. As well, an additional 7 days of rest or bad weather make the total completion time at 44 days. This may vary as some days may have longer or shorter distances depending on the terrain and topography as the region has its share of hills. Fortunately, there are plenty of albergues and municipal hostels along this path.

The best time to do hike this path is during the spring and autumn and definitely not during the summer because southern/central Spain during that time can be unbearably hot.

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