Step 1: Why walk the Camino?

You’re here now, thinking about the Camino de Santiago, because somehow you’ve heard about it from someone or somewhere and you’re now interested. But for whatever reason you want to hike the Camino de Santiago its personal to you and I can assure you that you can have any reason to walk the Camino.

Some things that people walk for are so that they lose weight, so that they have alone time and detachment from their cell phone. I’m not going to lie but those were some of my reasons when I hiked it before.

You just have to be clear as to your purpose for this walk. The reason this is important is because people are more likely to complete the Camino de Santiago if they walk with a purpose, walk for something. Finishing the Camino is not just an accomplishment of walking a long distance, but that you also accomplished whatever goal you set out at the beginning for doing this hike. It’s your purpose and goal that keeps you walking day after day. It’s difficult, it’s repetitive but walking with a goal in mind makes the Camino fun, enjoyable and meaningful.

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