Step 2: Do you have what it takes?

The first step in planning your Camino is whether you can actually do it. You have to ask yourself are you able to take off at least 1 week of work or likely even more? Are you physically capable of walking long distances with a 10kg bag? Do you have any physical ailments that can hinder this? These are serious concerns and you should make sure with your boss or your doctor that you can do this hike.

Despite this, what’s important is that you can most likely do this hike. If you are able to even think of doing walking the Camino, you probably will. Given the world we live in today where work, family, health and finances are major concerns the ability to think of something as bold as walking hundreds of kilometres on the Camino de Santiago is already such a big step. You have just brought down the many mental barriers that tell us we can’t do something.

One last thing on this topic, is that age is never an issue. On the Camino de Santiago I have seen children walking with their parents and grandparents walking with their children. Walking is something that we are born to do. If you have difficulty walking then its a health condition and not your age that is the issue, so don’t let age be a mental block. Just ask yourself if your legs are fine, and if they are then you’re one step closer to the Camino.

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