Step 3: Choose your path features a description of all the hikes and their relative completion times in the Maps & Paths section. If this is your first time then I recommend the more common and popular route the Camino Frances.

This hike starts in St. Jean de Pied and is close to 800km long. While this may sound daunting (it really is) there is no reason you have to do the whole thing. As I mentioned in the previous section in today’s world it is difficult to get enough time to do this hike. One thing that many hikers do is that they walk portions of it at different times then come back months or years later to continue another portion of the hike. All that matters is that you get your Camino Passport stamped along the way.

Just to be clear, you can start the Camino de Santiago at any point greater or equal to 100km. A common starting point is in Sarria where a train arrives from Madrid every morning with hikers. The way you prove that you have walked through towns is that you stamp your Camino passport “credential” at various points of interest and villages along the Camino. You can pick up a Camino Passport for about 2-5 Euros at most monasteries or cafes along the Camino, usually general places of gathering. All the economies of the villages along the Camino are based on the passage of hikers. Most town’s people are helpful and accommodating.

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