Step 4: Prepare

How you should prepare for this is simple…WALK. Most of us generally have jobs that involve a lot of sitting or else we would want to do something other than walking the Camino. This only means that we need to train our legs to get used to walking more and more often. There is no way around it.

First we have to get into the mindset of forcing ourselves to walk out of the sheer reason that its generally better for us. Start by walking up stairs instead of taking the escalator. Next if your destination is not too far try walking to it instead of driving, biking or bussing. The great thing about this is that it trains you to think efficiently. With this you leave earlier, you pack less and your legs get stronger. This is what the Camino will be like for many days and weeks and its best to get accustomed to it while you’re still at home.

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